Paving Contractor in Warlingham
Patios & Paving

Warlingham Paving Ltd operates as a locally trusted paving contractor in Surrey and parts of Sussex and Kent. Located in Warlingham, we lay bespoke patios and paving in our hometown, Croydon, Coulsdon, Reigate and the surrounding areas. We offer a complete start-to-finish service that covers every aspect of the installation, from a detailed, no-obligation quotation through to applying the finishing touches.

We understand that choosing a reputable paving contractor often represents the biggest decision in the entire process. Not only do new patios and paving represent an investment of hard-earned money, the results have a huge impact on the garden area in which they’re laid.

Here at Warlingham Paving Ltd, our services come backed by over a decade of shared trade and industry experience. We specialise in laying superior patios and paving that offer a cost-effective way to create an outside living space. Whether it’s designed to entertain family and friends or to complete a sanctuary for relaxing in, our results add luxury and character to any garden.

Specialists in Laying Patios

In our role as a paving contractor, we take on patio projects of any kind, including replacing an old one, extending a current area or laying a completely new installation. As a bespoke service tailored to suit the ideas of each individual customer and the dimensions of their property, each project differs from the last.

At the outset, however, we offer all of our clients the same dedicated approach to ensure 100% satisfaction with their patio design. At this stage, our clients tell us their set budget. With this information our team can present a range of natural stone and manufactured materials that fall into line with this maximum spend.

Natural materials will hold their look and colour for a longer period of time, but come with a larger price tag. No matter which option our customers make, they are guaranteed premium-quality products that offer outstanding value for money. We use only trusted brands including Marshalls, Talasey Group and Natural Paving.

As a time-served paving contractor, we create patios of any kind for our clients in Warlingham, Croydon and the neighbouring areas. From flat designs with straight or curved lines to the addition of features such as raised beds, retaining walls and steps, we have the expertise to bring even the most complex ideas to life.

With an agreed upon design, we carry out a swift, tidy installation with minimal disruption, but one that never compromises on quality. We ensure that no cables lay beneath the site before carrying out the required groundwork for an immaculate finish, including:

  • Digging out to at least 150mm below the damp-proof course
  • Creating a fall running away from the house for optimal rainwater run-off
  • Ensuring patios adjoining lawns sit 10mm below ground level for easy mowing

Following the completion of the necessary preparations, we go about turning patio dreams into impeccable realities.

To view examples of the results we achieve as a paving contractor, please visit the gallery page.

Paving for Any Requirement

In addition to patios, we also lay areas of paving to create pathways. These include paths that lead away from patios to the back gate or around the garden, paths that lead from driveways to the front door or paths that run along the side of a house, connecting the front garden with the back.

We have the ability to lay paving of any kind, be it flagstones or block paving. If you prefer the latter, our team lays every type of design including 45° and 90° Herringbone bonds, stretcher bond and 45° stretcher bond. As with our patio installations, we offer paving on a completely bespoke basis, so the choice is yours.

Warlingham Paving Ltd proudly belongs to the Marshalls Register of Accredited Landscape Contractors and Driveway Installers. Having met demanding criteria to qualify for this register, including strict and continued vetting of performance and competence, our clients have the ultimate peace of mind with us as their paving contractor.

If you’re carrying out a complete garden transformation, we also provide a landscaping and garden maintenance service too.

To talk over the services we provide as a paving contractor in Warlingham, Croydon and the surrounding areas, call 07753 161 226.