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Warlingham Paving Ltd installs a wide range of driveways to suit the stylistic tastes of any homeowner in Surrey, Sussex and Kent. As a driveway specialist backed by more than a decade of trade and industry experience, we know first-hand the difference a professional touch makes to a property. Driveways are the first and last thing visitors see, so they have a significant impact in setting a tone. In turn, this has a vast impact on both the kerb appeal and resale value of the home at hand.


With our start-to-finish service, property owners in Warlingham, Croydon and the neighbouring areas can rest assured that we tick every box when it comes to creating driveways with an impeccable finish.


From the installation of brand-new driveways to the repair of old ones, we take the time to sit down with each customer to ensure they receive the ideal solution for their requirements. This includes advising on the most appropriate materials to suit the design of the house and the anticipated loads to be placed upon it.


If you’d like a no-obligation quotation for your own new driveway in Warlingham, Croydon or any of the surrounding areas, please contact us.

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Starting with a clean slate and numerous ideas, the possibilities for new driveways are seemingly endless. By working collaboratively with our customers, Warlingham Paving shapes initial concepts into a final design that will last long into the future.


We’ve outlined below the materials we use in the construction of our new driveways.


Block Paving – As a Marshalls registered installer, we lay block paving driveways to the very highest of standards. With a choice of materials in a range of shapes and colours, block paving installations offer a unique opportunity for a truly bespoke feature. Materials include natural stone, brick and concrete, all of which we can lay as a practical, yet stunning compact driveway or in a long, sweeping fashion.


We carry out a meticulous planning and design stage to ensure an efficient, smooth installation process. While the groundwork differs depending on conditions at the site, it usually involves digging out to at least 150mm below the damp-proof course while creating a gradual fall.  We then set out a sub-base in multiple layers before compacting to a thickness of 100mm. After layering on sand to the desire height, our team lays the blocks to create the agreed upon design before compacting once again.


Gravel\Shingle – Gravel and shingle driveways offer great versatility as they can be used outside domestic homes or on the forecourt of a commercial property. These materials come in numerous textures and colours, so our clients in Warlingham, Croydon and beyond can be sure that they will find the perfect match for their existing property. Following the appropriate stabilising groundwork, we install gravel driveways in a simple, hassle-free process that requires minimal effort to maintain.


Among their many benefits, gravel driveways work in an environmentally friendly way. Due to their porous nature, these driveways allow rainwater to soak down into the ground rather than sending it straight toward the drains.


Resin Bond – Not to be confused with resin bound driveways, our resin bond surfaces create a rough, textured finish with outstanding durability. This system involves the application of a resin film onto which we scatter clean, dry aggregate. We ensure complete coverage of the resin. The aggregate used on these driveways ranges between 1mm and 6mm depending on the individual needs of each customer.


Following a period for curing, we then sweep away any excess aggregate, leaving behind only the stones that have fully adhered to the resin. The thickness of the final surface will be determined by the size of the aggregate used.


Concrete – In order to lay impeccable concrete driveways, we use a ready-mixed product that we know and trust for outstanding results that match our own demanding standards. When finished, these driveways not only look great, they also require little-to-no maintenance, have a high resistance to oil stains and suppress the growth of weeds.


Concrete driveways have witnessed considerable improvements over the years, making them a cost-effective option for discerning homeowners in Warlingham and the wider Surrey, Sussex and Kent areas. With a variety of edging options for a neat, attractive finish, as well as grooves applied by hand for improved grip in wet conditions, our concrete driveways provide style and safety in equal measure.


To view examples of the results we achieve across our range of services, please visit the gallery page.

If you’re interested in laying a new driveway at your property in Warlingham, Croydon or any of the neighbouring areas, call us today on 07753 161 226.

image of driveways in warlingham
image of driveways in warlingham
Warlingham Paving Ltd
image of driveways in warlingham
Warlingham Paving Ltd
image of driveways in warlingham