Landscape Gardener in Warlingham
Landscaping & Garden Maintenance Services

Here at Warlingham Paving Ltd, we provide one-off and contracted garden landscaping and maintenance services. Whether in our hometown of Warlingham, neighbouring Croydon or any of the surrounding Surrey, Sussex and Kent locations, we deliver a bespoke program tailored to suit the unique requirements of individual clients. Our personnel share over a decade of trade and industry experience, so we have the expertise, qualifications and equipment to handle projects of any kind. When it comes to selecting a landscape gardener in the region, Warlingham Paving remains the trusted choice.

A significant amount of our business comes from repeat custom or new clients approaching us after receiving personal recommendations. Whether you’re a new or returning customer, we have outlined below what our landscaping and garden maintenance services involve.

Garden Landscaping | What We Provide

In our role as a landscape gardener, we provide the following services:

  • Garden Design
  • Garden Brickwork
  • Installation of Play Areas
  • Laying of Shed Bases
  • Shed Construction
  • Laying of Sleepers
  • Tree Planting
  • Turfing

Customers should note that we also offer a patio and paving service as part of our wider landscaping range.

Quite simply, the team at Warlingham Paving covers every aspect of soft and hard landscaping. We cater this service to suit your needs, so we can do as little or as much work as required. This flexibility allows us to follow a very clear concept through to exact specifications, or to sit down with less certain clients to discuss the results they want to achieve.

Either way, we utilise our vast experience to shape results that always deliver a ‘wow-factor’.

No matter the project at hand, we always work on the solid foundation of a meticulous planning and design phase. This encompasses the establishment of a budget, laying out a realistic timescale and ensuring that our clients have complete satisfaction with our understanding of their vision.

With these elements taken care of, we go about turning initial concepts into stunning realities.

The entire process of hiring a professional landscape gardener provides further benefits beyond the completion of a dream project. Not only do our customers have much more free time to invest in other areas by not taking on the work themselves, they also save money by investing in proven expertise from the very outset. What’s more, for homeowners who may move in the near future, a beautifully landscaped garden also provides an attractive feature for prospective home buyers.

To schedule a consultation with a landscape gardener from Warlingham Paving, please contact us.

Garden Maintenance | What We Provide

When it comes to garden maintenance, our services include:

  • Lawn Mowing & Care – We transform lawns to keep them in optimal condition year-round. This includes regular mowing and scarifying, a process that removes thatch and allows water and light to the roots, thus promoting healthy growth
  • Border Care – By performing seasonal weeding, pruning and plant care, we keep borders in a neat and tidy condition. Upon request, this also includes planting shrubs and flowers to further enhance the garden at hand
  • Mulching – Laying mulch provides an array of benefits. Not only does it provide nutrients and organic matter that improve the soil structure, it also subdues weeds, creates a neat and natural aesthetic as well as helping to retain moisture during warmer periods
  • Shrub & Hedge Trimming – Seasonal pruning keeps hedges and shrubs neat and under control. With our depth of knowledge, we apply the correct pruning cuts to the appropriate plant species for ongoing healthy growth. We also work around the bird breeding season in full compliance with the Wildlife and Countryside Act
  • Garden Waste Removal – Whether as a by-product of our services as a landscape gardener, or as a result of another project, we remove garden waste from sites in Warlingham, Croydon and beyond. Our clients can rest assured that we dispose of this waste at the appropriate facility or reuse it as part of our own drive for sustainability
  • Patio & Path Cleaning – Our team removes moss, algae and general grime build-up to return garden paths and patios to an as-new appearance
  • Weed Control – While other services cover elements of weed control, we also provide dedicated expertise in this area. Whether your garden has a particularly serious weed problem, or you just want to uphold the best possible appearance, we take the necessary action to remove them and discourage their regrowth

In our position as a landscape gardener in Warlingham, Croydon and the neighbouring areas, we know that no two gardens, and no two clients, are the same. As such, we provide these services as and when our customers need them, be it on an ad-hoc or a strictly scheduled basis.

For a quotation regarding your own landscaping or garden maintenance work in Warlingham, Croydon or the wider Surrey, Sussex and Kent areas, call 07753 161 226.