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Here at Warlingham Paving Ltd, we take great pride in our local reputation as a trusted landscape gardener and paving contractor. We understand that the nature of our work requires property owners to place a great deal of trust in us. They hire us to bring their visions to life, after all. What’s more, the results of projects like driveways, paving and patios, will remain in place for years to come, often in highly prominent places, so we need to get it right first time, every time.


With a growing client list full of loyal customers, we know that our workmanship continues to meet our own demanding standards for quality. Despite the fact that a significant amount of our business comes from returning clients, or as a result of their recommendations and referrals, we continue to find new ways to deliver an outstanding service.


In addition to this dedication to our customers, we have listed below some of the other reasons why property owners choose us as their landscape gardener and paving contractor.



1. Experience & Training

When it comes to laying superior patios, paving and driveways, there’s no substitute for proven experience. Here at Warlingham Paving, our team shares more than a decade of trade and industry know-how. During this time we have brought countless landscaping and paving projects to completion in line with exact specifications laid down by our customers.


In addition, every member of our staff has undergone advanced training in line with current Health & Safety standards. As such, we perform our tasks as a landscape gardener and paving contractor in the safest environment possible.


2. Credentials

As the perfect supplement to our experience, we also belong to the Marshalls Register of Accredited Landscape Contractors and Driveway Installers. This register provides property owners with a list of companies who meet their own stringent criteria for quality workmanship and customer service. Not only that, but continued checks ensure that these standards remain upheld at all times.


With this status, our clients can rest assured that our methods and results in paving, patios and driveways have been independently assessed to the very highest of standards.


3. A Proven Paving Contractor

When left in inexperienced hands, paving projects like patios, paths and driveways can quickly go wrong. At the time, this can include the laying of poor patterns in block paving, messy concreting and running over schedule. In the near future, issues related to poor groundwork can swiftly lead to subsidence, loosened materials and cracks. As such, it’s always a more cost-effective solution to invest in a proven paving contractor from the outset.


Here at Warlingham Paving, we have a proven track record for creating immaculate patios, pathways and driveways. We proudly have a profile on Checkatrade so that our clients can give us honest reviews. Unlike some paving contractors, we have complete confidence this type of feedback will always be positive.


4. Landscape Gardener

In our role as a landscape gardener, we undertake a wide range of tasks to keep gardens in Warlingham looking their best throughout the year. This includes both one-off landscaping projects and ongoing garden maintenance. In regard to the former, we offer a garden design service, transforming spaces through the use of brickwork, sleepers, tree and shrub planting as well as turfing. When it comes to the latter, we perform lawn mowing and lawn care, border care, mulching, hedge and shrub trimming, garden waste removal, weed control and the cleaning of patios, paths and driveways.


Quite simply, when it comes to the upkeep of gardens and green spaces in the Warlingham area, our team has the experience and expertise to produce impeccable results, no matter the work at hand.

If you’re searching options for a respected landscape gardener and paving contractor in Warlingham, call us today on 07753 161 226.

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